Customer Srvice

Important Questions

Are your products halaal?

Can your processed meats be frozen, eg sliced polony?

If there is unused products after a function, for example, can it be returned?

What is the average shelf life your products?

Customer Srvice

Products on offer to wholesalers

Through many years in the trade, we've gained valuable experience in understanding the wholesale market and geared ourselves towards becoming the leading supplier of wholesale meat and related products.  Below is a list of our product and service offerings:

Fresh meats

We have a full range of fresh meat for Beef, Pork, Chicken and Ostrich. On most of our fresh ranges you have a choice of pre-packed, bulk or vacuum sealed. Click here to view full range.

Fresh/Frozen Bulk Products

Together with our already extensive range of meat products, we identified the need for wholesalers to be able to order related products like cheeses, milk, eggs and others direct from us, and have it delivered with their usual orders. Click here to view more details.

Processed Meats

Our biggest range and our speciality is processed meats. We have a huge range from different bacons to dried products and biltong, to ham and cooked beef products. Click here to view.

Services to Wholesalers

Watsons Delivery Routes

Our delivery fleet consists of more than 10 dedicated vehicles and trucks. We have a setup delivery route schedule that makes sure we get to all clients, on time.