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Fresh / Frozen Bulk Products


We're proud of the quality of our bacon ranges - from back bacon to shoulder/leg and streaky bacon.


Beef products available: from tip to toe. We have Ox tongues, tripe, ox tail, beef trimmings and various rump grades.  Sirloin in mixed grades and striploin.  We also stock Karan Beef rumps, fillets, sirloin and rib eye steaks. 

Eggs, Cheese, Dairy Products and Frozen Chips

Bet you did not know that you can get bulk boxed eggs, cheddar and other cheeses, piemans pies and various sizes of chips from Watsons!


Large portions and boxed fish. From Maasbankers, bottersnoek, hake, smoked haddock, sole, yellow tail and calamari.  Some of it can be portioned to 5 Kg boxes, 9 and 12 Kgs.

Just Water

We're stocking packs of Just Water - ice teas, sparkling, still and flavoured.

Marinade and Sauce

Jimmys BBQ sauces is very popular in these parts - try it!  We can supply in 5L bottles, both chicken marinade and BBQ.

Mutton and Sheep

Lamb shank, mutton neck, shanks and shoulders.  Sheep tribe and trotters, liver and lamb kidneys.  Sheep tails and "skilpadjies" is available in 24 trays (±12Kg per box).


Pork, same as our bacons, is renowned in the industry.  We have a complete range of cuts and can supply bulk and boxed pork bellys, pork loins, crumbed pork neck steaks, burgers and steaklets.  Spare rib burgers, skins, trimmings and heart. Boxed in various sizes from 4.5Kgs to 25Kgs.


Poultry can be supplied in a large range - from buffalo wings, chicken leg quarters, livers, wings to Turkey drumsticks and wings and much much more.