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Customer Srvice

What a positive start to the year!


What a positive start to the year. All the 17 candidates that I spoke to were very positive about their two days of learning, and were confident about putting the theory you taught them, into practise. I know they will be very proud of the certificates you are personally going to give them, once you have marked all the exam papers.

It was great to see that you had students not only from Cape Town, but also from the Boland and Southern Cape. Also, not only from Spar, but independents as well.

With regard to your training program for the year, which includes Butchery Training Road Shows into the country areas, we need to give the dates to our sales team, so that they can offer the training to their customers.

Aubrey, thanks once again for using our facilities for your training and for pushing the Deli Brand, we really appreciate it. Together, we can certainly add value to many peoples' lives, and just as important, keep the meat industry alive by educating people.

Thanks once again, we are proud to have you as part of the Deli Team.


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