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Gearing up to face a tougher future


The contemporary market place is becoming increasingly demanding and the regulation thereof by means of legislation has a major impact on the food industry. The commencement of the Consumer Protection Act as well as the Labelling Act put a bigger costing pressure on the food industry. The extent to which the government will regulate and bring these acts into use will have a decisive influence on how the food industry will look like in a few years' time.

Unfortunately it will be impossible for a large portion of manufacturers in the industry to continue doing business and the costs will be too high for the smaller manufacturers. This predicament came upon us sooner than we had anticipated. Our clients are pressuring us for food safety audits to indemnify them from any actions taken against them. However, after spending more than R3 million on its processing plant since August 2012, we are now on par with hygiene and safety standards.


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