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Dry Aged Steaks


Watsons Meat recently upgraded there facility with a cool room specifically for the dry aging of steak.

What is ‘Aging’ ?  
Aging is the process during which microbes and enzymes act upon the meat to help break down the connective tissue , to make the meat more tender. During wet aging (vacuum packed), the plastic bag does not allow the meat to ‘breathe’ and therefore the meat ages in contact with its own blood. That can lend to a more intense sour note and a more bloody flavour. Dry Aging, on the other hand, allows the meat to breathe, lose water (increased “beefiness”) and get acted upon by other microbes beside those of the muscle itself. The other microbes are the long, threadlike mucelia of various airborne fungi that begin to digest the meat and giving the piece of dry aged meat its distinctive flavour, aroma and fuzzy exterior.

Watsons Meat Dry Age  steak for 28 days when the meat has reached its potential and the balance between tenderness, taste and juiciness is at an optimum.


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